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Favoured by renowned chiropractor,

dr steven massey

Dr Steven Massey is the owner and principle chiropractor at the Massey Family Chiropractic Centre, which has been servicing Dee Why and Sydney's Norther Beaches for over 20 years.

"Easy to use, natural and very effective for your sore muscles and joints."

- Dr Steven Massey (Bsc Anatomy (NSW) M. Chiro)

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"I use these products on a daily basis with my patients."

As a chiropractor I'm always on the lookout for products that can complement the treatments I give my patients. I have found that the ALPA products work very well.  ALPA products have the right consistency and penetrate deep down in the tissue thus speeding up the healing process. In particular, the ALPA Horse Balm stands out as the best product I have ever used in my practice for this purpose.

I use these products on a daily basis with my patients and recommend them not only to my patients but also to other chiropractors.

Fionia Norman, Chiropractor

"the quality of my life became positively different."

I have been living with the pain of my upper and lover back for few years due to injury, and also with muscle and joints discomfort. I tried all sorts of pain relief creams, but nothing really worked in a long term. My work involves hours of standing on my feet, which at the end of the day, makes the pain more intensive. I have started using ALPA products 8 month ago and the quality of my life became positively different. The back pain is relieved and my feet do not get swollen any more. After using ALPA products in the evening, I do feel rejuvenated, fresh and pain free next morning. My children and my husband are also using ALPA products for different reasons (before and after sport, for healing after the operation, to relieve tiredness of muscles and joints). I firmly believe that regular use of ALPA products is the answer to the pain.

Jana, Alambie Heights

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"ALPA embrocation helped me to unblock my nose and eased my breathing"

I have suffered recently from bad cold and headaches. Knowing that my grandmother and my mother were using ALPA Embrocation for many, many years, it was an easy choice for me to get some help. I have applied some drops of this product to the back of the neck, my forhead and my temples to relieve the pain. Inhalation of etheric oils contained in ALPA embrocation helped me to unblock my nose and eased my breathing.

Helena, Rydalmere



I call it my magic potion"

The Alpa Horse Balm was recommended to me by my chiropractor a couple years ago and ​I LOVE IT! I call it my magic potion and I have recommended it to so many friends. The immediate cooling effect of the menthol is really soothing and the herbs and essential oils offer overnight relief for my aches and pains.

I have a few issues with tendonitis but the Horse Balm alleviates many of my symptoms. I think it is a much better alternative than taking an anti-inflammatory pill or using a regular commercial gel.

Linda, Curl Curl

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