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The ALPA embrocation is known to its users from 1913, the year of the ALPA copyright registration. The same name is used also by its manufacturer. From 1948 the ALPA embrocation is manufactured in the town of Velke Mezirici in the Czech Republic. 

The ALPA embrocation is produced without major changes until now. It is supplied in the traditional design of glass bottle with the label in the company blue colour. The base of the label is in the sky blue colour with white letters and company logo - capital A with the yellow star. The recipe was created by the natural scientist from Brno, Gregor Mendel. The ALPA embrocation is an alcohol solution of vegetable essential oils and menthol in an optimum ratio. It serves as a basic medicinal and sedative aid with versatile use. The later developed embrocations LESANA and SOSNA have the similar effect and they contain extract of tree needles.

Alpa currently produces more than 140 various cosmetic products. The company has a dominant position in the Czech market with regards to market production of embrocations and baby powders. The latest knowledge gained in the company is used for development and production of a number of high quality and competitive cosmetic products: after shaves, skin lotions, cologne waters, hair lotions, hair sprays, hair shampoos, tooth pastes, mouth washes, repellents, children's and massage creams, sun creams, skin powders etc. The very successful market products are also herbal massage formulas in the form of gel and emulsion. The herbal extracts are characteristic with regeneration effect and they reduce muscle tiredness. They also bring relieve from headache.

The production commences in modern facilities at constantly monitored check-in, production and check-out. The guarantee of best quality is given with a stable work force and the latest high-tech laboratory equipment.

The regular yearly increase of company turnover is the best reference for the company evaluation amongst the extraordinary strong competition of the cosmetic industry.

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